If you are over 18yo and don’t have a Will, we strongly recommend that you see a solicitor as soon as possible.  Most people leave at least one asset behind when they die and even a small Centrelink-benefits bank account can cause unnecessary problems for an intestate estate (without a Will).


If you have ever worked, you probably have superannuation and possibly a death benefit attached to that and you likely have a car.  The circumstances of your death could also mean that money will be paid into your estate.


PLEASE, consider the added trauma that will be caused to your loved-ones if you die intestate, including the possible involvement of the Public Trustee.


Yes, there is legislation in place to deal with intestacy and the order of beneficiaries, but there will be added cost and delay in processing your estate and your estate may not go to those you wish to benefit  –  it could possibly even wind-up with your ex!