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Our team is compassionate, strong and dedicated to looking after your best interests.

We have over 60 years combined legal experience and the temperament to gently guide you
through some of the most stressful and trying times in your life.

We look at your individual circumstances to ensure that all legal aspects of buying, selling and protecting your
property interests are identified, considered and dealt with.

When it matters, get professional legal advice.

Our expertise in the areas of our regular practice, together with our principal’s extensive experience in law, qualify us to provide you with a competent and holistic service. This includes identifying circumstances where you may also need succession, tax, general financial or family advice. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service with all advice given in Plain English.

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*Preparation of Contract for Sale for submission to the selling Agent including:
- Special conditions depending of your circumstances
- Any GST, CGT and Land Tax considerations
*Arranging for Discharge of Mortgages
*Replying to purchaser’s requisitions
*All other necessary work through to settlement


* Checking and commenting on Contracts (first is free unless it is an off-the-plan)
* Assisting to arrange Strata, Pest, Building, Pool and Survey reports as required
* Negotiating terms of Contract
* Legal searches & enquiries
* Government Grant applications
* Payment of stamp duty
* Satisfying mortgagee’s requirements
* All other necessary work through to settlement

Other Transactions

* Intra-family transfers of title
* Add/remove a spouse/de facto partner on title deeds
* Preparation of security documents for family financial assistance
* Agreements for Life Estate or Life Interests
* Peruse and advise on Aged Care Facility Contracts/Leases

Wills & Powers

Who’s Making Decisions for You When You Can’t?

Our service includes reviewing old documents (free of charge) and Drawing new or up-dated documents as required – tailored to your individual personal and family circumstances including any business or trust interests.

We operate a free safe-custody service for our clients and always provide you with a certified copy of your completed documents to keep with your other important papers.

Deceased Estates

Whether your deceased loved-one left a Will (prepared by us or not) or if they did not leave a Will, we can assist. Our service includes:

* Placing Notices on Supreme Court Register
* Drawing the relevant Summons and all other documents required to be filed in Court
* Attending to any requisitions of the Court
* Arranging for sale or transfer of estate assets
* Arranging for taxation of the estate where necessary
* Distribution of the estate in accordance with the Will or legislation (where there is no Will).


Sales & Purchases including for: Retail, Commercial

Companies, Partnerships, Sole Traders.

Sales & Purchases

* Preparation/inspection of Contracts
* Considerations regarding GST, CGT, employees, leased equipment, stock, supply
* Agreements, leased premises and franchises.


Whether Retail or Commercial – inspecting or preparing Leases with special consideration to length of Lease, rent review terms, options to renew, lessee’s obligations regarding maintenance and other contributions and the lessor’s obligations.

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